Hemant Rath; an acclaimed Odia son of the soil established KALINGA SENA on 7th November 2001 in Bhubaneswar, the Capital of Kalinga (Odisha). Since then the party has evolved and become firm on the political map of Odisha.

KALINGA SENA emerged as a registered regional political party in Kalinga (Odisha) State at a time when the political scenario of Odisha was in a dwindling situation, especially on issues like prioritizing the interests of Odisha in all the sectors. The ruling parties in these periods never paid any heed to the self-esteem of the language, rich culture, heritage and general problems of Odia people then that of the Non-Odias.

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How Kalinga Sena founded

Recalling the past glory of Kalinga State, when the Kalingans were mighty warriors, rich in language, art & culture and prosperous. Hemant Rath moved across the state and spread awareness on the issue of Odia Identity and sovereignty. He created awareness among the Odia people regarding their rights on their own land and resources and the language and culture that has its glory in the world map. On these lines, he established a new political party in Odisha named KALINGA SENA.

At a time when globalization keeps pave as a prime means to the socio-economic development of nations/states, the very language, culture and sovereignty of a nation/state largely gets the threat of distortion and gradual extinction, causing perceivable decline to the very fountain of the glory of its civilization. That becomes the prime concern for Sena Supremo Hemant Rath, who founded KALINGA SENA with the singular motto to protect the rights and interests of Odisha and of her people. And since its inception a decade ago, it has been uniting the Odias educating them and motivating them to stand firm with the rich glory of the Odia culture and language to get rid of the distorting effects of globalization.

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Kalinga Sena as a registered political party envisions the state of Kalinga (Odisha), where the Odia people keep the ownership and authority of governance over the People and Resources of the state, keeping on high its rich Language, Culture and Heritage; emphasize to foster development of Agro-Economics; promoting Youth Entrepreneurship through village and cottage industries and maintaining Justice, Peace and Universal Brotherhood.

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The mission of Kalinga Sena is to bring about Transformational Change among the Odias and that of the Odisha; ensuring through prevalence of effective grassroots democracy and prosperity, by means of sustaining dignity & self-respect, effective governance and application of appropriate technology.